/When will Pakistan come out of the crisis?
When will Pakistan come out of the crisis?

When will Pakistan come out of the crisis?

When will Pakistan come out of the crisis?

The first step is always identifying the issue. In this case an unfathomable crisis.

And Sometimes war and struggle is the only solution in contrary to the most plausible way forward.

The public did not come out when it was clearly identified that a “Regime Change” was underway.

Although some people did come out while others stayed indoors.

The public has the right to protest and choose their heartfelt leaders, but unfortunately, the right to choose has been imprisoned.

Imran Khan is not a Politician but a philosophy. An entire purpose or reason against corruption.

For ages, we have lived under the impression that the public is weak. But not anymore. This is the 21st century and we live in a free world.


The problem is that these politicians like the goons from Muslim League Nun have seen and tested the public. Nobody came out for Kashmir. No pressure was observed. And realistically, these politicians are more scared than the general public. But the trend of not protesting and systematically launching a plan of action along with zero pressure from the public. And this really encourages the politicians to take these severe measures. They know for sure that no one will come out.

How can the public allow the establishment or Army to supersede general elections in Pakistan? Arent they afraid of a social boycott?

How can the Army allow corrupt politicians to rule the Islamic Republic of Pakistan?

The greater picture and our reality are simple. Realistically we have accepted and understood that there is no easy way out. And none of us is aiming for the hard and the right way.

We have been outplayed by the West! But there is still some time left before a complete annihilation.

We need to be cautious in communicating and asking for favors from China & Russia. Countries today, are looking for strategic partnerships and alliances.

The good news is that China has a policy that can help Pakistan. And that is; your country grows! and both of us enjoy your progress.

In other words, they are in Pursuit of a Community of Shared Future.

Free and Fair Elections

But all they ask for is corruption-free leadership and long 5-10-25-year plans.

For example, in a hypothetical scenario. Imran Khan becomes the Prime Minister again.

And we already know what a two-thirds majority can do for him.

But we will still not move in the right direction. Maybe because of the grudge and enmity that the Army has successfully administered and injected in Khan.

It will take ages for him to come out of the accountability bubble.

He will introduce strict reforms in the Army, Nab, and Police. Quintessential and strong accountability and a general sense of overhauling will prevail.

Jail has varying effects on people. There is also a possibility that he loses his calm and mind. We all know that these cases are nothing but false acquisitions.

He did not burn Jinnah House! Some unknown culprits from his party ordered it. And I think they have even left his party.

When will we snap out of it? Nawaz Sharif is the worst thing that happened to 231.4 million people in Pakistan. There is still some time left. It is for the public to take strict action against the culprits. Destroy them and lynch them in the public. Throw stones at their caravans and systematically launch protests.

The problem with the public is, they think that this is the will of Allah. These are the consequences of their bad deeds. but in fact these corrupt politicians thrive on these sentiments.

For example, how the hell can a Nun league Mullah say that if you attend one of our Jalsies then you will go to heaven?

The words that I want to leave you with are:
Moral fiber and fabric
& Pakistan.