/What good is Saudi Arab for Palestine?
What good is Saudi Arab for Palestine?

What good is Saudi Arab for Palestine?

What good is Saudi Arab for Palestine?

Aramco has reported a record $161bn (£134bn) profit for 2022, the largest annual profit ever recorded by an oil and gas company, fuelled by soaring energy prices and rising global demand.

And still the Palestinians are dying of hunger. I will not eat today, to remember the pain that the Palestinians are going through.

We will not look upto China and Russia. But we will inquire from ourselves and Saudi Arab in this post.

Why aren’t we in a position to stop the israeli barbarity? Pakistan is a nuclear power, the USA has conducted a regime change operation in Pakistan. And I was thinking that it was due to China and containment. But that is not the case. They want to keep the middle east unstable. The war will engulf Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan.

So we are up against the Western countries and The countries, mostly Western nations, which have come out in support of Israel include, the US, UK, Australia, France, Norway and Austria, among others.

They are richer countries. But what differentiates us Muslims is? the power of resourcefulness and planning everything to perfection.

Now let us all forget about the past and let us embrace the future. We know who we are up against. Can’t we Muslims unite to oust and declare a war against Israel and her western allies.

Let us face it. Neither of us want’s to be brutally killed by these bastards.

The Mushriqeen have decided on what needs to be done. Surah Baqarah warns us about these people. And therefore, we must unite. I call all the Muslim majority countries to unite. We are right! Falsehood is bound to perish. And seek help from Prayers and patience. If you do not stand up for the Palestinians. Then No one will stand up for you and that time is getting closer and nearer.

So Think about it and do the needful and take measures against these bastards!