It was time for the USA to fall. I guarantee that as soon as Pakistan defaults? The USA’s downfall will be hastened.

Sometimes you have to cease to exist. This was the western lending and borrowing system. Which was based on the dollar?

The dollar is designed in such a way that it worsens the economy of the enemy state.

But I would not completely blame the USA for such a situation in Pakistan. Partly the Muslim league Nun and PPP are equally responsible. I declare Pakistan’s Bankruptcy.

I request China not to bail us out. We need to understand the consequences of our actions and the repercussions of corruption. All the countries who follow Pakistan must understand that the USA has triggered a Regime Change operation in Pakistan.

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I request every independent country to immediately close all US consulates and NGO’s. Close all the British Councils and embassies because they can do the same with your country.

We want to progress with China and Russia. But right now, we are not in a position to even talk to them.

China must understand that a time will come when coexistence will not be an option.

It will either be you or them. Pakistan only has 15-25 days left before we completely default or go bankrupt.

If you or Turkey or Saudi Arabia bails us out then the self-respect of the people will get hurt. I want everyone to understand that Pakistan will have to go. We were given a gift, and we squandered it.

A homeland that we did not deserve. You already know what we need to do. Remove Shahbaz Sharif, Zardari and put them behind bars.

The money that you make as a result and through corruption will never be enough. It will haunt you and your kids. Crime never pays!

Zardari must return all his money to support the economy of Pakistan. It is our incompetence that we are looking at other countries when so much Pakistani looted money in present in front of you. Confine both these parties and start recovering your money.

This is the only way. Once again I request CHINA and friends to NOT interfere in our internal matters. Let us fall. For old friendships sake.

Half of the loot money that you recover goes to the Pakistani treasury which is 50%. 25% will go to the needy and poor and they can keep the rest.