/The End is Near – Let the American beheadings begin A.B.B just for Saddam Hussain
The End is Near

The End is Near – Let the American beheadings begin A.B.B just for Saddam Hussain

Some People may think that talking to a lot of people in this world is the true spirit of living. But I never preffered small talk.

Now my point is simple. I have 30-40 years more to live. I am healthy and Plus I exercise regularly. But this war is taking away everything from me. My life, things that I stand up for etc.

If I had to fight, then I will fight for Russia and China. This is pretty global people. We have successfully incorporated greed and ego to this equation. This war is synonymous to a great-great ego. The fight between the Muslims and christian/jews will continue.

We could have lived this life differently.

But as you can see, a warm cosy home is not an ideal place to grow.

The mountains and the hurdles of war are challenging. And they help you grow.

I embrace this future. One thing that I have done to accuracy is realistically I have identified the problem.

The USA is rich and they will fight with their dollars. The poorer countries will fight with their Passion, sentiments, emotions and feelings. And with their manpower. But the end result is pretty simple. Muslims are winning this war. History tells us that these incidents like wars are somewhat already predicted.

For example doomsday and armageddon-

But all I want to say is we muslims were poor, helpless, and maybe you killed us more, I am especially referring to the recent Gaza carpet bombings. That by Bastards from Israel.

We lived a full and happy life. Now I do not want to go into the nitty gritty like money can buy happiness and the USA/christians and jews have more of it. All I want to say is we lead a long, happy and fulfilling life.

This can well be a miracle of following Islam and the Quran. Thats for sure. The world is about to be blown up and I am happy and content.

I will die a happy man. I have zero obligations to anyone. In war everyone is interested in finding the best spot to hide. But I want to fight and reach my maximum killing spree or number.

I feel like killing every porn artist from america and once half of the americans are dead I would then wanna nuke them.

Knife. I would prefer a knife.

Problem Child= Israel

Once the americans are all dead. then I will goto Canada and then france and israel and finish the eu.

A Killing spree is a killing spree. What do you expect in this post? Killing spree get it?

A storm is coming or brewing

Propaganda that Hamas has beheaded small israeli children – I will behead your elders in short I will behead every israeli that I get my hands on to.

I will not stop. I will then form my own empire. And wait for the Islamic events to unfold. Time will tell how successful I am with my plans. But this is how its going to be.