/The Alpha and Omega of Marketing

The Alpha and Omega of Marketing

The Alpha and Omega of Marketing

When we were thrown in this world. We were on our own. And then we learnt about resourcefulness and helping each other out. 

Similarly, Marketing is not that different. You are selling an idea, product, and service that may help make the end users life a bit easier.

And during this entire service delivery you make money. But it gets scary when the client or customer does not need that item and can do well without.

So all I am trying to say is ; we need to regulate not only YouTube, Twitter, and other social media channels but also the marketing that they incorporate.

And in this ocean of information you may come to this website, and if there is a single take away then that is to put some restriction. 

Content Creators will figure something out. That to keep you engaged and watch their content. AI will help them like the Sirens.

Siren, in Greek mythology, a creature half bird and half woman who lured sailors to destruction by the sweetness of her song.

So you see, and besides, if time is money, and if inflation is inevitable. And if war and destruction is our collective future then we need all the time in the world. And we cannot waste a second of it – by consuming content that does not care about our personal goals, aims and objectives. 

Restrictions will not shut down Youtube or Google. They will only put a transparent filter. That no one will notice. It will save the viewers trillions of precious workhours.

It will discourage the content creators to search and discover newer ways to keep the audience engaged.

And eventually we will have more time for our family, our children, and friends.

I am seriously thinking of pushing this narrative and agenda in Pakistan.

Time is a resource that we cannot waste. Other developed countries may have it in abundance, but we don’t. 

Secondly, More than 55 per cent of the viewership of Pakistani YouTube channels comes from outside the country, indicating that content created by local YouTubers is highly popular all across the globe, Google’s Country Director for Pakistan Farhan Qureshi says…

And we have nothing positive to share. This creates an impact that I call a ‘Recoil effect’. A recoil is rebound or spring back through force of impact or elasticity.

There was a time when we were progressing at a steady pace. But this is not that time. This is a turbulent phase. It is advised to reanalyse and reorganize.

God gifted Pakistan with brains that are unmatched! So why not use them. 

Train the human resource and prepare them to be assertive and success oriented. I am a strong proponent that a regime change is underway in Pakistan. But I also believe that our own people were involved – especially the ones who are clueless on how their life would be in the future.

Let’s face it if anything that I have learned during my 39 years of existence is that pakistanis are not extremely forgiving people.

To refresh your memory. We are the same people who contributed to a lot of global events. That changed the way things are done.

For example, Soviet Union. If I can make one thing clear to anyone who reads this.

Pakistan is a protected piece of land. We believe in the oneness of God. Any calamity that comes to us, is due to our own wicked deeds. And any fortune that we enjoy is a Gods gift.

Youtube and Google and every other platform hailing from the USA will soon be banned. Mark my words.. The first task would be to take this country into a moral depression which they already are.

September 2023 New York floods are good for them. It makes us lesser humans feel good about climate change, our current pathetic economic situation, and our floods.

I thank Allah for drowning the city of a country(USA) who thinks that LGBT and Porn is OK.

If I could take you back to The story of Prophet Loot or Lot. They were indulging in and doing the same stuff.

If Allah did not allow it then, how can Ye allow it now!