How to Use a Bluetooth headset as a Microphone?

How to Use a Bluetooth headset as a Microphone?

How to Use a Bluetooth headset as a Microphone:

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All you need to do is to download an app called BT Mono on your android device. Also, You can then download another application called RECForge II. Additionally, Once done, now turn on BTMONO pair your Bluetooth headset with your phone, and start recording in Recforge II.

You can easily use your Bluetooth headset for receiving called and staying connected. It frees up your hands and allows you to work and talk.

We have recently seen a lot of reckless driving. And this can help prevent road accidents. Although we are living in an age of driverless cars. But for the rest of us, let us all be more careful.

In this video, I have a $3 device that does the job.

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New ‘Premium’ version is now available (just $1) and includes the much requested widget + auto reconnect after phone calls. Free version will continue to get bug fixes, but most new features will be targeted at the Premium version. Thanks for your support!

Simple app to stream audio to your Bluetooth mono headset. Please upgrade to Premium if you’d like to support development.