/Shifting my focus towards Productivity
Shifting my focus towards Productivity

Shifting my focus towards Productivity

Summary of the Article:

Productivity is about aligning your goals with your mental and physical resources. It’s particularly beneficial for those who tend to be lazy. The main idea is simple: in today’s world, your productivity is influenced by what you consume and read.

Spending excessive time on platforms like TikTok and YouTube, watching entertaining content, can negatively impact your productivity and work-life balance. The key is not to eliminate such entertainment entirely but to strike a balance.

Once you achieve this balance, you can harness your productivity to earn more money, improve your health, and self-actualize. Time is limited, and distractions can increase the time needed to complete tasks, leading to procrastination and an inability to take care of yourself. This situation is both precarious and uncomfortable.

Shifting my focus towards Productivity:

Productivity is all about the alignment of your goals with the mental and physical resources that you have.

It is an excellent choice for people who are lazier. The central idea or the main takeaway is simple. In today’s time and age, you are what you read and the content that you consume.

If you waste hours on TIKTOK & Youtube and love watching entertaining content? then, that can significantly hamper your productivity or a balance in your work hours.

I am not saying to completely abolish; entertainment and prank videos from your life! But to hit that perfect balance.

Once you strike that balance? only then you will meet productivity. You can then channelize this productivity. And make it effective; by earning more money, becoming healthier as a result and selfactualizing.

We have limited time, with distractions the time needed to complete a task may increse. Inturn, what that may do is; you start procrastinating and it can also make you unable to fend for yourself. And that is a dangerous depiction and an uncomfortable position.