Securing Your Digital Sanctuary: Personal Space, NAS, or Pocket Notebook?

Digital distractions are everywhere. Google drive is Google ownership, while evernote is owned by evernote. Your facebook post is owned by facebook.

The only solution that I can think of is. Keeping a notebook. You need it to jot down your thoughts, and store them privately. My idea is to create a device that uses the colored eink technology to store all your memories. Like photos, audio, notes and todo lists.

This device will have colored eink, a qwerty keyboard, and will be compact & have a nice battery life. Lately, I have been drawing and sketching. I call the art work in the featured image “Opacitous”.

I have also designed a few stickers.

A Friend in URDU


I had to re-learn how to draw, and I also had to go as far as watching online videos and tutorials. As you probably know that a lot of simple services are open source and many others are not. In other words, the rest of these services are paid. So for something as small as creating a sticker outline, you have to get premium plans for online software.


It is tedious to learn the free method to achieve similar results. And the dreaded learning-curve comes into the picture.


it is not that difficult to re-learn for the experienced digital artists. But the newbies may abhorthis. Let us NOW look at a few sample stickers that I have designed in Krita.

There are some AI generated stickers as well;

I will also break down the color selection philosophy and share it with you in this post.

I see colors differently and the right selection may depend upon my mood. I almost always start off by selecting the most vibrant colors for my art work. But eventually my final images are a careful blend of aesthetics, style and contrast.

All these images are original.

  • Monthly
  • Annually



I can create 30/monthly sticker images and 360/anually. And that can contribute to practicing and later becoming an expert at Digital Drawings.

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