With dollar prices reaching a record high i.e. Buying Rs.209 and Selling Rs.211 and we are seeing a noticeable hike in fuel prices as well.

Petroleum prices in Pakistan from June 01, 2022

Petrol at Rs.209.86 per; High Speed Diesel at Rs.204.15 per liter; kerosene oil at Rs.181.94 per liter; and light diesel oil at Rs.178.31 per liter. 4 days ago

There is only one solution and that is to increase your mode of income. More revenue streams must flow into your household’s total income. If you can comfortably manage your families expenses for at least 5 years? then let your children study. Other wise I would suggest everyone to start earning online.

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The prices of everything have skyrocketed. Food supply chain is also interdependent on the transportation. Watch the VIDEO above!


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