/Pakistan’s Mission for Eternal Peace & Tranquility
Pakistan's Mission for Eternal Peace & Tranquility

Pakistan’s Mission for Eternal Peace & Tranquility

Pakistan’s Mission for Eternal Peace and Tranquility for this World

I am Starting a new movement in Pakistan. Although the UN has agreed upon a ceasefire. The UN General Assembly adopts Gaza resolution calling for immediate & sustained humanitarian truce.

We don’t buy it! Kashmir is a pending problem that the global leaders failed to resolve.

The Muslims must stay united and keep preparing for war. All these are tactics to alienate the Arabs and cause more Arab-springs.

Why is it so? that when ever it is time for Israel to take a beating – the international players jump in to save these bastards?

General Assembly 10th Emergency Special Session

If you support Israel in any way then you are equally responsible for the bloodshed.

And with Iraq under your belt the Americans must think twice before attacking any other country.

Russia and China must keep preparing for war and stay ready.

The USA is adamant and egoistic. As they will clearly loose this war. As they have lost the Iraq war, Afghanistan war and others.

The people who hate and want them killed are Pakistanis, Iraqis, Iranians, Afghans, Palestinians, Syrians and Arabs.

They must die. The USA must die a slow but painful death. That is the only way we can bring peace to this world.

Hypothetically, after 3 months the USA and Israel will again invade another country or start a proxy. They are war addicts! & Habitual..

I suggest, and for attainment of global peace we need to retard the USA and Israel and take away their nuclear capabilities. Strip them away. So that they are ashamed and clear about why Peace is Paramount for this world?

I will send this to CHINA (CGTN) and RT (Russia)