Pakistan Army has a defeatist attitude: Hamza Kukri Army

My Assessment:
Imran Khan wants the public to have more integrity. He was the only leader who talks about resolving the Kashmir Issue. Today, Pakistan Army does not like war. What kind of an Army is that? Imran Khan is hated by the establishment because he will soon tell them to prepare for a war with India. I send maximum lanat on the generals who are supporting the American-led regime change in Pakistan. And who dislikes a war – Pakistan will not exist otherwise because maybe this was the purpose why Pakistan was created. Remove falsehood from this world.
Imran Khan is bad for the Pakistan Army. And this institution seriously needs an overhauling. What kind of a general does not understand the public sentiments?


My assessment can be wrong! I strongly condemn badmouthing the Pakistan Armed forces. No one else can protect us the way our army has done – The ISI will definitely understand the situation and take measures InshaAllah. We are in safe hands Alhamdullilah. Pakistan ZIndabad.

The enemies of Pakistan will take full advantage of this political ambiguity.

And the enemy like India is solely responsible for creating unrest in Pakistan. What China has done to India will never be forgotten. India will have to amicable move towards a solution with Pakistan. Otherwise we have the Tora Bora option. The Battle of Tora Bora was a military engagement that took place in the cave complex of Tora Bora, eastern Afghanistan, from December 6–17, 2001, during the opening stages of the United States invasion of Afghanistan.

The USA is digging on quick sand and their grave. It is best that they do not realize their mistake.

I will keep it to that!

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