/My Capabilities and Strengths in Pakistan
My Capabilities and Strengths in Pakistan

My Capabilities and Strengths in Pakistan

My Capabilities and Strengths:

Writing well is an excellent resource to own. If you are an excellent writer then you more aligned to your spiritual self. We live in a world, and by “we” I mean all of us. 7.888 billion (2021) of us.

And the wars are just a way to tell us that the population has increased and nature needs to decrease its load.

Coming back to the point above, people prefer quick fixes and consume any and everything that is instant.

Social Media:

Social media is instant gratification. So we have also started consuming content that helps us improve our selves or it helps us boost our self-esteem needs by teaching us something new.

By learning new things we can easily grow ourselves and eventually earn more money.

As you know readers are leaders and I can read. And it helps enhance my intellectual ABILITIES & skills.

Although you may need years to build a rapport with another person. But I would count this as a stregth.

I can immediately build a rapport with another person maybe because I can analyse the face and know a few principles of facereading.

And how the other person feels towards certain matters and talk.

So my technique is to understand what the other person is looking for or out of the conversation. And to give him that.

Another strength is my spirituality. And that makes me aligned to my spiritual self.

I am also high spirited and motivated to achieve something big in life.

I support Palestine and Kashmir

The one thing that Brings joy to me and I consider this my strength. Is my power to listen to criticism, taunts, and personal attacks in a way that is not destructive for me.

There is a lot of negativity in this world. But we can counter that through positivity. And that is the only way. Opposites can immediately minus the harmful effects in any situation.

Having said that I am also realistic and practical. And I love creating a forest of ideas or brainstorming.

I am writing this file on the hemingway writing application and this has had some effect on my writing style. Plus I love designing new and unique products that are also original and possible to manufacture for my Chinese friends.

Once that is out of the picture, looking at this world differently is my forte.

PEACE is important for/to me.


All of us are not sent in this world without having a purpose of life.
Your purpose may vary and we cannot have similar purposes. Similarly, it is an ongoing process, You keep on adding to your knowledge, and as a result you keep improving yourself.

Although the purpose of your life is fixed but the newly acquired knowledge adds value to your purpose.

It can be a new skill that you have learned or a software that can help your cause.

Therefore, one of the best purposes of life can be helping others in need! For example, we live in a hostile environment, where there are wars on one hand, atrocities and catastrophies on the other. I am referring to the war in Palestine.

So when you have a purpose in life like helping others in need – You can stand out from the crowd and create a differentiating factor.