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Military-Industrial Complex

Military-Industrial Complex

Lets start a WaRrr!!


The expression military–industrial complex describes the relationship between a country’s military and the defense industry that supplies it, seen together as a vested interest that influences public policy. 

The problem in question is “How to meet long-lasting and eternal peace in this world”?

The solution to warmongering is simple as I have proposed in this post.

Sometimes to stop the madness, you must and you need to use appropriate force. But we will delve deeper into understanding the basic principles of war and peace in this post.

We will begin by highlighting the benefits of peace:

Attaining peace, both individually and globally, is a noble goal. Peace is essential for the well-being of individuals and society as a whole. Here are some ways to attain peace and the benefits of eternal peace for the world:

Attaining peace involves both individual and global efforts. On a personal level, one can achieve peace through practices like meditation, self-reflection, and healthy living. Resolving conflicts and promoting self-acceptance are also key. Globally, peace can be achieved through diplomacy, education, social justice, environmental conservation, and international cooperation.

The benefits of eternal peace for the world include stability, prosperity, human rights, health, innovation, and reduced suffering. A peaceful world leads to a better quality of life for individuals and contributes to global interconnectedness, making it a worthy goal to pursue.

Now let us look at war:

War is often associated with significant disadvantages, including loss of life, suffering, and destruction. However, some have historically perceived advantages in war, such as economic stimulation, technological progress, political gains, territorial expansion, geopolitical influence, ideological or religious goals, social and cultural change, and resource acquisition. It is crucial to emphasize that these perceived advantages do not justify the devastating human and societal costs of war, and peaceful alternatives should always be prioritized. 

How to Counter a Regime Change Operation?

So you see, war has more advantages than Peace!

And keeping this world in a state of war is more suitable for the USA. It’s in the best interest of the USA. 

So China and Russia will have to dedicate a small part of their weapons from their arsenals to fights like the Taiwan and Ukraine wars.

But on the same hand keep the West occupied in Israel. It hurts the USA when an Israeli dies. They consider them their own. 

This is a major exploitable point or a weak point that the USA has.

All I am trying to say is that killing Israelis will not bring us peace, but it will significantly hurt the warmonger USA. And this constant hurting will lead to an eventual collapse. By means of complete exhaustion as far as funds are concerned.

This can encourage other factions to start their proxies against the USA. Like Hezbollah. ISIL, ISIS, etc.

Let us all face it.. and be realistically optimistic. Now the USA has nothing to lose. Their war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan are far too great.

The total debt of a U.S. citizen can vary widely depending on factors like income, age, and personal financial choices. Common types of debt include mortgages, student loans, credit card debt, auto loans, and personal loans. On average, these debts can add up to significant amounts, but the specific total debt of an individual will depend on their unique financial situation and the types of loans they carry. 

As of August 2023, total federal debt was $32.6 trillion; $25.8 trillion held by the public and $6.8 trillion in intragovernmental debt. The annualized cost of servicing this debt was $726 billion in July 2023.

Technically and on paper the USA is not doing that great economically. And this is a major issue. 

The American General Public is also not as hardworking as the people in China.

Let us face it, this war is between China and USA. And China did not start this war. 

In fact, the USA is pulling China in. And supporting various proxies in Taiwan, Philippines Australia, and other smaller countries.

Where do Muslims stand in the midst of all this?

The Muslims are United. We have the financial and Oil resources to teach the USA a vital and final lesson.

To Conclude, all I have to say is; let’s Play!