In Writing: What is the connection between Planning and Practicing?
We will delve deeper into the topic. And I am assuming that you are trying to improve your writing! And that is the context or main idea.

I had lost touch with my writing. And after completing and checking over 900,000 words on a spell and grammar checker. A thought struck me like a lightning bolt. Maybe that is all the writing that I have. Or I have consumed all the Writing from within and “I can not write”. But that is not the case.

Writing and practice go hand in hand. You need to.. ‘Plan your writing for success’. Making shorter sentences, structuring your thoughts, and later translating them into coherent writing. By far the greatest gift that a writer has is a flow. Practicing will enable your planned writing to start flowing. The emotive words that you use start to penetrate the cognitive defense mechanism of your readers.

And with practice, you can enable or activate a unique connection with your audience.
Being short of words does not matter, as far as you are communicating and getting your message across.
Writing then is a habit. And it is something that you love doing. It is a practice that is not normal. And general public may consider this activity weird or haywire. But, you know better than I do that this practice is essential. It is paramount to have a central idea or a controlling idea. You weave the rest accordingly.

An old VIDEO from a lost Archive.

Your story must have a beginning, a middle, and an end.
It must be thought-provoking, or It can arouse an emotive-desire and it can be anything that you want.
How many of these emotive-desires are good enough. How many would suffice? With practice, you will know where it’s getting out of hand.
I am supposed to end this here. Because, my controlling or main idea is to; keep the readers guessing. What’s to come? What’s next? How is he planning to do it? So on and so forth.

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