I think Khan must back off and let the ARMY manage Pakistan. If he thinks that the Establishment is responsible then make life easier for yourself and announce that the current economic condition can not be undone. Otherwise you will be responsible for the complete and utter destruction of Pakistan.

Let Nun league manage and back off. They are physically tired and waiting for you. Back off. You don’t have Superman or Spiderman in your team. They cannot turn the economic tables. Let the Army bear the brunt. It is not Imran Khans fault. He is completely innocent. On the contrary, the public will make life a living hell for both the other parties. i.e Nun league and neutrals. An army officer is not allowed to shoot or irritate the general public. This is the only way out – go on a vacation. You have proved your point Khan Sahab! May god bless you. Your health will not suffer this way. Plz listen to me.

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