Any Army General is only remembered until he retires. And He is only good enough for his tenure. There are huge assessment issues. The popular general was the only one against whom a Twitter trend was established.

He should have resigned then and there. But he did not. Immediately after that, he did not appeal for his innocence.

Therefore, the Imraniat narrative will remain with Pakistan for ages to come. Writers like me will keep Khan alive. I will ensure that Khan is portrayed as the only leader who talks about Kashmir, self-respect, and integrity.

The Muslim leak Nun will be soon forgotten, and as soon as they are gone.

We writers will Keep Khan Alive even when he is gone. Imran Khan clearly represents the voice of this nation. We are not an ideal Muslim, and we are corrupt and don’t pay our taxes. But we love Pakistan, and this Patriotic feeling unites us. I will ensure that Khan remains alive for my readers. How many corrupt people do you remember? None! Remembering the corrupt is the law + judiciary’s job. The public will never forget the efforts and vision of Imran Khan. We writers will keep his vision alive. Imran Khan is a fine masterstroke player. Your vision for Pakistan has laid down the foundation for the future.

We Pakistanis needed a new mission and vision statement. And we have it in the form of Imran Khan. The misfortunes of Pakistan are self-Inflicted. We need to rectify it Asap. Otherwise wait for the divine intervention- And this time around. . You will find slit necks everywhere. And it surely will be a bloodbath and a mess. Even I have sharpened my knives. Army is limited and no match against the general public! Wrong leadership for the army has brought us here. The public was feeding a snake. They need to overhaul and if they do not accept and rectify their errors and mistakes and remain adamant then not only will they suffer but Pakistan will also suffer. There is still no power on earth that can undo Pakistan.

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