/I am merely a Pawn!
I am merely a Pawn!

I am merely a Pawn!

Be the best Man possible – be like Khizer A.S

Khidr A.S also known as one of Allah’s servant or slave. I have a unique reverence for this absolute character in ISLAM. His story is mentioned in the Quran Along with Prophet Musa A.S..

And what a remarkable story that is. Some people still are doubtful in their belief that he is still alive.

Let us put that statement to rest in this post. The last Prophet sent to us was Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W and he is the final messenger of Allah. Quran is a complete code of conduct for Muslims alhamdullilah!

But Khizer AS came before the Prophet Muhammad. And he was veiled in a way that he was hidden from this world. Untill he confronts Dajjal or the antichrist. His forces may join the forces of the Imam Mehdi A.S. And he never died.

Is it so hard to believe. Allah talked or conversated with and to Musa A.S. He broke the moon into two halves with just a fingers movement for the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W.

Allah is capable of doing any miracle in this world. And when he Khizer A.S cannot die then you cannnot oust him and kill him with a bullet or a missle.

I believe he is in the Khorasan area. I also believe that when TRUMP the then US president hit Afghanistan with the MOAB. That did not blow up. That is amble proof that Khizer A.S is alive. And I guess he has a mission and purpose. And that you cannot destroy him or kill him and you cannot bomb him as well. He is just there for paradigm shifts. Plus he is a servant of Allah so he does not do anything that Allah does’nt want.

Now why people say that he is not alive? I do not know!

Maybe they are guarding his secret. Maybe they know his whereabouts. Only God knows best!

To me he is there to do Allah’s work. Just imagine, Allah cannot leave the management of this world to mere humans. So therefore, he has appointed his own makhluk or aides.

Let me tell you a small story. Let’s assume and lets say that Khizer A.S came up with an idea. The Google Idea, and also the YouTube idea. A video format for this world. His main aim was to target the innate emotion and desire of people to know “what the other person is doing”. Khizer A.S gave these ideas away for free. Americans especially Bill Gates picked this idea up. And they started working on it. Khizer AS knew well that these ideas will enable the country which is the USA with complete world domination. So he picked up China. And he taught them more about manufacturing. Just to have a contingency plan. Or if something does’nt go the way he wants. He will have another option.

Then he helped defeat the Soviet union all inorder to prepare them for the ultimate battle with the USA. And when things did not go as planned…. Khizer A.S has launched China and Russia against the USA. And the USA does not stand a chance.

This is just a story and nothing can be proved. Unless BillGates starts Talking. Or even Facebook’s Mark or Elon Musk from Tesla and X!

This can well be a figment of my Imagination. This story doesnt necessarily have to be true. But as you know the older stories convey Khizer A.S as the ruler or King. Then why wont he rule NOW! Once a ruler always a ruler.