How to Manage Time? Time Management in Pakistan

My Productivity game plan

I had never thought that an ill-organized person like me would ever have a vague sense of time. 

But here I am, writing about my routine and how it can help you create a master plan.

There are two important aspects of productivity;

  1. How well do you manage time &
  2. Follow through

If the completion of tasks is not the first thing on your mind – and if you can easily manage without then I am afraid you are not an extremely productive person.

With practice, you will be able to do deep work. And understand a problem at a deep level. And then design your solutions.

You look at a problem holistically and analyze the possible solutions.

Once you have all the methods and tactics sorted out you can then go to your next problem. But only after you add working on this one to your schedule or routine. Soon you will become more productive. And adding more tasks to your schedule may become seamless. When do you work on these tasks regularly? You can then shift to other ones.

There are three flavors to productivity:

  1. Urgent and ultra-specifics
  2. Top priority but not that Urgent
  3. Can do without like watching Television

Everything will fall under the above three categories. What this will do is; it will sort things out for you.

You might have noticed that things that are organized and sorted out add to the convenience.

Similarly, the tasks that are sorted out, in any way, may make life easier for you.

There are 3-4 types of productivity:

  1. Capital productivity.
  2. Material productivity.
  3. Labor productivity.

Use your time wisely:

As you also know that time is an incalculable asset. It is a resource that all of us have. Plus it is not unlimited and we cannot squander this gift.

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