How to evade a Food Crisis in Pakistan?

How to evade a Food Crisis in Pakistan?

Start teaching people how to grow their own food.  Start making lists of the farmers who will be told the exact items to grow. Contact the multinationals immediately and the government must start hording food. If you want to prevent a situation in which the poor public has to leave the stores empty handed then the PTI must start hording food. Wheat, rice, lentils and other canned food.

Make a supply chain system and help the farmers know exactly what to grow. Use Pakistani olive oil instead of cooking oil to cook your food.

Highlight the people who are creating a negative impact on the already meager food supplies.

The first step is to remove all the water and immediately provide relief to the poor and downtrodden.

My real suggestion is to enroll people in a plan in which they can grow vegetables on their roof tops, balconies, and houses.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Create online courses so that people can grow their own vegetables and fruits. Each course will identify the how, what, why and when of organic growth.

This will solve the food shortage and reduce the food transportation cost.

For petrol, provide the poor people with cheap bicycles. And create a lane on every road for bicycles.

For electricity shortages, you can opt for private open spaces and wind mills/turbines.

There is a lot of open space adjacent to or near Karachi highway.

Or even better, you can install a wind mill or a wind turbine on every high rise building in Pakistan.

Only the elderly will have the privilege to use petrol transport. The young kids from 16-25 may use bicycles.

Buy solar panels for the down trodden and underprivileged public. Create small solar packages that contain a pictorial representation for the installation of the solar panels.

For the economy: start by buying a few injection moulding machines. And pay people to work in those factories. The amount of time that they can spend will determine the amount of money that they can make.

The harder you work the more bread on your table.

Keep encouraging people to work hard.

The final solution would be to ration everything up. But I will not go that route.

The first thing that the PTI needs to do is to create underground tank systems in Karachi and other flood hit areas.

Create teams as usual. And take day-end reports. You–> my friends do not need Prime ministership to start working for the public.

PTI’s work in all these domains will determine whether we default or even turn into a catastrophe. God forbid.

Allah helps those who help themselves. May Allah help us overcome this crisis and defeat our enemy.

This is not a comprehensive list – There are macro and micro measures that only you can think of.. START NOW!

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