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If someone as powerful as the US government decides to crack down on Bill Gates and Microsoft?

Then I am sure they will decipher and unwind the fact that Bill Gates stole the Google and Youtube ideas from Pakistan.

You have to tactfully handle this issue because Bill can commit suicide as well. He has involvement in Philanthropic activities and he can use that to his advantage.

But unfortunately for Pakistan we could not reach a profit sharing mechanism or policy with the USA. Because how many countries have you heard that share profits with another country that a company makes?

It is not possible. So Bill Gates conveniently bought the idea by bribing everyone associated and I got nothing out of this deal!

Pakistan got nothing out of this deal. Therefore I am blowing a whistle that Bill gates and USA are not the ideal person and country to deal with.

I have already shared this information with Russia and China. As I do not want a settlement. I want revenge.

Larry and sergey are bastards who tried to poison me! and I will never forgive them.

Bill Gates is equally responsible. Please share this Article with atleast 3 people each.

And share this info a lot in Pakistan. Our Army is corrupt and weak. And they can do nothing for me. We need powerful USA people like Trump to stand up against Bill Gates.

He is a crook and will remain one. It was Bill who funded everything. Or maybe it was the USA establishment? I am not sure.

But this is the problem that Pakistan is facing. And there is no simple solution then to go at war with Israel and the USA.

I rate the USA as a highly opportunistic country and extremely selfish people.

Google O Google

May Allah reward me for benefiting mankind in this world as well as in the next.

I have purposefully hidden a few details that are not necessary and impertinent. Plus at that time I was very Young and it is close to a miracle that I remember everything.

May Allah Taala forgive me and guide me to the straight path. Ameen.