e-Book on Copywriting in Pakistan

e-Book on Copywriting in Pakistan
e-Book on Copywriting in Pakistan

In 2018, I became curious about writing a book. I did not want to sit back and go through the entire getting to write a book process. SO I decided to repurpose the content that I already have and wrote.

With flair and passion I used beacon and compiled a small pdf file on Copywriting. Now you can probably tell, it is unlikely for a person who has an MBA in Human resources would end up writing about copywriting.

What I have learnt so far is:

It is all about persuasive writing..

Good copy converts..

The purpose of your title is to grab the attention of your readers &..

The first paragraph will help the user stay on your page and, if you are lucky?? read till the end.

I am not saying my formulas are perfect. But you can always tell, especially when you come across the fact that I had to research extensively.

That to come up up with these conclusions and Key points. Grammarly.com stores all my writing numbers. The number of words that I have written so far are over 1000000 – Ill add the 900000 proof. 

I am not saying that you should start writing like I do. All I want you to understand at this juncture is to pursue your passion. See where it takes you!

Meanwhile, you might have noticed that the youth and the children consider youtubing a profession.

I did have my share of fantasies. I used to idealize these motivational speakers. The eloquence in their speech mostly blew my mind.

So I created a youtube channel to better understand the things that I am good at.

As you already know that each human being is unique, and they have differents inclinations.

Similarly, I was not that different. I did not want people to treat me as a star or I never pursued this field for stardom. But I only wanted to learn more about myself and this world. How I fit in.

So the main take aways from this post can be:

Main points extracted from the article: | I and me will mean the Author |

  • I became curious about writing a book in 2018 and decided to repurpose existing content to create a small PDF on copywriting.
  • Despite having an MBA in Human Resources, the author chose to write about copywriting and has learned some key lessons about persuasive writing.
  • Good copy is essential as it converts readers into customers.
  • The title of a piece is meant to grab the reader’s attention, and the first paragraph plays a crucial role in retaining their interest.
  • The author’s writing process involved extensive research and has resulted in over 1,000,000 words written so far.
  • The author encourages pursuing one’s passion and seeing where it takes them.
  • The author created a YouTube channel to better understand their strengths and inclinations.
  • They emphasize that each person is unique, and their motivations for pursuing different fields may vary.
  • The YouTube channel wasn’t pursued for stardom but to learn more about themselves and the world, and how they fit in.

This is the Book:

Suggested Further reading..

Thank you Note:

Thank you for taking out the time to read & share this Book – & Blog Post. I hope that you have a nice day ahead. Stay safe and Take care of yourself!

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