/Dear Sir, we Need your Support and Prayers

Dear Sir, we Need your Support and Prayers

We need to immediately create a pool of funds to support the struggling businesses and industries in Pakistan.

Top business tycoons like Mian Mansha, Mr. Arif Habib, Malik Riaz need to contribute to this fund. Firstly, they need to reach an understanding.

This will help the dwindling industries like the textile setor get back on the track & recently a lot of small businessess are shutting down their operations in Pakistan which includes, the Indus motor company, and Swvl which was a nice startup etc.

Any economy in this world is a beautiful combination or a pie. That of a balance in imports, exports, and other economic factors and indicators.

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The debt needs to be reduced and a smart balance of other key economic indicators.

To survive these big giants or individuals will have to support Pakistan exactly as I am telling you to.

There is no other way. I will be sending this out to only Mr. Arif Habib.

Dear Sir, our generation of children are smart and intelligent, and we will never dissapoint you for the sacrifices that you make and contribute through your profits to this pool of funds.

We are brave children, and we are also resourceful, and enthusiastic about the future.

Please do not take this chance away from us. This fund will also help establish and identify the downtrodden masses that are living under the poverty line and help them.

We are muslims alhamdullilah and this is one of our responsibilities.

This fund may be used for the security of Pakistan and will be refilled by the industries that start making profits.

You can control this fund by setting up corruption free mechanisms and impartial heads.

We need to create this fund right now! – Thank you –

written by Rameez Kadarov