/An Open Letter to Imran Khan
An Open Letter to Imran Khan

An Open Letter to Imran Khan

An Open Letter to Imran Khan

To whom it may concern, I have experienced a few changes in my life. The number one change is that I have more clarity in my vision. I know where I am headed, and the direction is also accurately set.

It’s because of this Former Prime Minister of Pakistan, that I can clearly see.

Corruption will destroy your family, and it will suck the life out. Especially from your faces.

A responsibility devoid person will make all the wrong choices and eventually go to hell.

So technically, my PM has inculcated in me a sense of responsibility and fortification to earn a halal income.

He has also said that when Allah has given you wings, why are you crawling like an insect?

My PM has identified and highlighted the most toxic corruption in Pakistan.

And they (U.S.A) had no other option than to conduct a Regime Change Operation to overthrow him.

If you closely study the struggles of successful people who have created a mark or have put a dent on this world. Then, there is a similarity in every stuggle.

The majority has to deal with hardships and illegalities. But, they have set their people free.

I commend all your efforts towards picking this group from Pakistan and turning them into a nation.

I strongly protest of the illegalities and the failiure of the justice system. Wrong cases that are nothing but an exaggeration.

My support is for my leader. And that is Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him. And through this reference. I support you, at this difficult juncture, especially when you are in Jail.

You Billion Tree Tsunami idea was really appealing for me. And I commend all your efforts. And all that you have done for Pakistan.

And even if you do not receive justice in this world, then mark my words, that you will have the option to bring these people to justice, especially in Allah Taala’s court.

Once again and to reiterate, I will not back off like some of your party members backed off. But all I want is for Pakistan to rise.& beat India, Malaysia, and even some more developed countries like France. And you need to beat them economically. I am making this promise to my self. That I will support you, in your legal battle. And in other persuits that are good for this nation – My beloved Pakistan. Ameen.