A Request to the PM of Pakistan: Please Stay safe

A Request to the PM of Pakistan
A Request to the PM of Pakistan

A request to the PM of Pakistan:

A Request to the PM of Pakistan. The security and movement dynamics of the PM must be kept secret and this secret must remain well guarded. Yesterday I saw a video that is clearly inviting the miscreants and the enemies of Pakistan to attack. The Bol News channel’s editor must be held accountable.

PM Imran Khan is the most important personality in Pakistan. And the security of the PM must remain a well-kept secret.

I also believe that the I.S.I may have broken a series of events that were about to take place. I only sent this article to I.S.P.R. Once again I congratulate the Pak ARMY, the I.S.I, and the resilient nation of Pakistan.

God helps those who help themselves.

P.S: Do NOT Publicly share the PM of Pakistan’s security details! It is a huge security lapse for the intelligence Agencies.

Thank You

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