My favorite name of Allah Ya/Al Hasib or Haseebu

My favorite name of Allah Ya/Al Hasib or Haseebu
My favorite name of Allah Ya/Al Hasib or Haseebu

My favorite name of Allah Ya/Al Hasib or Haseebu

My favorite name of Allah. The meaning of this name is “The Bringer of Judgement”. Before I start rambling about this topic, we need to establish a few rules. I am not an expert in religious matters. But I have a great love for the religion – Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W and everything in between.

To me Al- Hasib is just and an even distributor. Allah has ordained a fixed path for all of us. The sins that we commit may create hurdles in that path and in turn deviate us from the right track.

One sin has a load equal to a mountain and we carry thousands of tons of rock on us. Where ever we go this load walks along with us. Whoever we meet has to meet this load as well.

But Al- Hasib is kind and merciful as well. So as soon as we repent? Allah SWT immediately removes that sin and its negative effects from us.

I am talking about reaching a level where Allah is enough for all of us.

How I understand this name:

To me, this means that Allah is just and all-wise. Rest-assured that we will NOT be cheated or deceived in the kingdom of Allah. He will do justice. A system that is beyond the comprehension of us mortals. A perfect system of justice. And I am talking about the day of judgment itself.

I will get all that I earn in this world. And If I earn good deeds then, I will be granted heaven. Let us just leave it to that because we can not conceive the troubles of the hellfire.

The Jahannum (Hell) hellfire is indeed the worst place in the kingdom of Allah. But it is there for a reason. It is there because maybe Allah wants a sense of accountability.

We cannot waste our life thinking that a person with a grain of Imaan will go to heaven. The power and evilness of Satan is more powerful these days. We must do more. Be kind to others. And force direct your kindness.

We must force ourselves to perform acts of kindness. I can imagine the chanting of nafsi nafsi, especially before judgment day. The Nafsi Nafsi philosophy clearly states that the scene would be enough for us to forget about our immediate family, friends, spouses, and children. And we will only be concerned about ourselves. And I guess that is a crucial moment in our spiritual journey. Prophet Muhammad SAW will intercede for his beloved Ummat.

There will be no other prophet besides Muhammad SAW who would be able to intercede.

So the judgment of Allah depends on numerous factors. I do not know all of them. But they can be the good intention of a person. Did he become arrogant once he was at ease? And other indicators that Allah knows.

Now my argument is when you have a creator who will not discriminate on any basis like color, or financial status. And which also makes Allah the perfect creator. Then why can’t we as humans reach a reasonable level where we are safe? Your internal satisfaction and a sense of internal happiness will tell you whether you have reached that level of safety or not.

My favorite name of Allah

Why can’t we sign a truce and align ourselves to at least Namaz? If drinking is umul Khabais then Namaz is the opposite and a positive analogy. This also means that the negative effect that drinking has.. Namaz has a positive effect or has multifold benefits.

However, I am not saying that you should compare drinking to Namaz in any way. This is just an example. You can compare two positives as well.

We have established the credibility of the creator. And that is the most important aspect while judgment. We have a credible and honest judge in the form of our creator. Allah is the bringer of Judgement. And none is worthy of worship except Allah.

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