A Third Class Country – The United States of America

A Third Class Country - The United States of America
A Third Class Country - The United States of America

A Third Class Country – The United States of America

There is a law of nature and that clearly states that when barbarity, inequity, and injustice reach a maximum level. Then they perish as they are bound to perish. Similarly, the USA has destroyed or helped destroy Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. And many more countries that were occupied(populated by innocent Muslims). This world has only two ways to go.

1. War
2. Or stop the oppressors.

I believe we are not doing a fair job in stopping the USA. Their next target is Iran, Pakistan, China, and Russia. If the leadership in any one of these countries thinks that they can survive without unity? then they are sadly making a mistake.

China on the other hand is progressing at a steady pace and Pakistan shows great promise. But only recently we saw acts of terrorism like bomb blasts in Pakistan, that after a while.

So let us now briefly look at the mechanism that the USA uses to manipulate the rest of the world. Have you ever observed a black widow? – how it weaves a web to catch its prey.

Similarly, the U.S $ is the key to everything. The big companies like google etc support the U.S in achieving its nefarious aims and objectives. As a result and then we have so many issues like poverty, sickness, and crises.

Luckily, China and Russia have realized that. There is no end to this. Unless they start a hot war. A cold war is not the solution to this mess. With the U.S power, China and Russia may remain unable to achieve all their progress goals.

The USA has started targeting the one belt one road initiative by China along with the CPEC and that is unacceptable. Powerful China has invested heavily in Iran.

All I ask for is the Destruction of Israel. Haven’t you destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan? Haven’t you killed Shaheed Mohsen Fakhrizadeh? Then mark my words, they will not give up Israel and then a war is inevitable.

I would suggest that China and Russia immediately stop any wastage of precious resources and start preparing for war. There is no other option.

The USA is acting like a murderer – False propaganda against China


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