Product designing in Pakistan

Product designing in Pakistan
Product designing in Pakistan

Product designing in Pakistan

Product designing in Pakistan. If I look at it now, and before you create anything, life does not have the sweetness of the creator and the created. This may also mean that the power to create has its charm and attraction.

You might have noticed that before you create anything or design a product? you are utilizing only 5% of your mental capacity and resources.

But when you start designing and creating, more and more mental resources are engaged and occupied.

And once you start practicing this skill, then it becomes normalcy.

I am not sure how many institutes teach Product design in Pakistan. But mostly these educational institutes are beyond the reach of the middle class and ordinary people.

And this way the people who are born with a silver or golden spoon or are privileged may learn design.

But my point is simple, you design a product because you face a remarkable challenge or difficulty. And that product design may solve that problem.

Middle-class people face more problems, to cut a long story short, the best ideas in Pakistan will come from the middle class.

Maybe because they do not have enough money to spend on lavishness. And they are mostly struggling and hustling.

The thought behind this post was to determine the strata that will identify and come up with greater ideas, and products for Pakistan.

So technically, the government must work on this income segment and the people who belong to this class.

Think about it!

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