Covid-19 Philosophy in Pakistan

Covid-19 Philosophy in Pakistan
Covid-19 Philosophy in Pakistan

Covid-19 Philosophy in Pakistan

Covid-19 Philosophy. It is a failure if you ask me? With so many advancements in technology? Still, we fail to eradicate sickness.

It is an alarming situation. Technically, we have failed as scientists and social workers.

You accept it or not. Once we accept our failure? we can then move on and start reflecting. Think about possible solutions. Many states have failed, which may include countries like India for example.

Google’s CEO is an Indian and still they cannot eradicate poverty and health issues like the “Black Fungus”.

It is an alarming state of affairs for India’s neighboring countries like Pakistan. We are still a developing country and we cannot afford too many lockdowns. What measures are we taking to prevent disease and sickness?

There is one actionable plan that I am talking about. And this plan will be a 5-year plan. We are confined to a small space Due to Covid.

Is there not a single genius mind in this entire world? who can systematically design a cure to kill all the viruses?

They will reemerge over and over and time and again. A vaccine is just a quick fix. Like a nicotine patch. We as humans are not doing anything worth mentioning.

A hopeless situation for mankind. But thank god that we have reached an understanding.

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