How to Penetrate the Iron Dome Defense System?

How to Penetrate the Iron Dome Defense System?
How to Penetrate the Iron Dome Defense System?

How to Penetrate the Iron Dome Defense System?

As you know the Palestinians have been in a war-like situation for ages. No country may go through these atrocities. The culprits are a limited number of people and you can count them on your fingers. There are more Muslims in this world – especially when we compare -than any other religion.

Getting back to the topic, Muslims may need jammers that are powerful enough to shut it down. As you know, we do not know the exact technology that the Iron dome is utilizing?

Although the iron dome is pretty much defeated as I write this. But, they can always upgrade this system.


How to Penetrate the Iron Dome Defense System?
This may not be the real Picture!


Scenario No 1: You use drones to carry these jamming devices.

Scenario No 2: Russian Missles can go around the compromised area. They may be able to change course and still hit their targets. Follow the Russians!

Note: A time will come when the USA will have no other option than to use their nuclear capability. And when that time comes I will share another method that can contain that damage before it happens.

Coming back to Israel. This is the best that they could come up with. Just look at the Iron dome invention. This is what the best Israeli minds have invented. I do not know, but they are in for a surprize…it can be the last surprize of their lives. Can you sense any emotions in my writing? I hope not! We Pakistanis operate and roll with our brains.

Iron dome is a pathetic invention and Israelis have forced themselves to live in an open, living, and breathing prison. Pakistan has already started working on it or will start? we do not know!

What Pakistan Must do?

Being a product designer is fun. You can come up with innovative solutions for anything. Consider this, although there is no replacement of Allah. But If there was no God then My mind can even design a solution for that! AllahHukAbar

God has blessed me with a remarkable mind. And the will to create. I can see why God loves his creation. Especially the humans. I have carefully placed a product that I have helped design. Although it is a tiny Phone holder. But it keeps me motivated to solve many problems.

There is no power on earth that can undo Muslims and Pakistan. Ideas like these only need field experts who know exactly about the things that are possible and the things that are impossible.

For example, they know the raw functioning of a product or technology. So the questions that they ask are? can we combine this tech? How will it work with the other weapons and devices? and so on. IOT.

Once this expert combines his knowledge with my Idea… then there is no power on earth that can STOP us!

“There is no spoon and there is no Israel!”
The Matrix

I will fight for Palestine, with every inch of flesh on my body and with every drop of blood


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