Ban Youtube in Pakistan Right NOW 5-19-2021

Ban Youtube in Pakistan Right NOW 5-19-2021
Ban Youtube in Pakistan Right NOW 5-19-2021

Ban Youtube in Pakistan Right NOW

I demand that the government of Pakistan Bans YouTube Immediately because they are showing inappropriate ads. Secondly, YouTube has age restricted Al Jazeera’s Live broadcasting.

Earlier Gaza tower housing the Al Jazeera office was destroyed by Israeli attack. On one hand, you have the strongest ties with China, And you expect a western funded and run Social media platform like Youtube to have an unbiased stance?

This is it for me! I am done with YouTube. I know a lot of Pakistanis earn through Youtube in Pakistan. But this is a true calling from our innocent brothers and sisters from Palestine. The Americans need to understand that an enemy’s friend is an enemy.

And Israelis are an enemy for Muslims and Pakistanis. Therefore Pakistan needs to make a platform asap. Especially Where people can upload their content. Because as being a content creator myself. It is more about uploading regularly and having something to do rather than sit and do nothing. You can promise the creators that you will monetize the platform later and it will provide them with a better return than youtube.

A lot of content creators have invested heavily, that into equipment and other resources. You might want to sue youtube but that is another fight. Do not expect anything good out of YouTube, I repeat do not expect anything good out of youtube.

SHUT YouTUBE immediately. ThankYou

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