A Letter of Appreciation to Pakistan

A Letter of Appreciation to Pakistan
A Letter of Appreciation to Pakistan

A Letter of Appreciation to Pakistan

A Letter of Appreciation to Pakistan. I see Potential. If I can give you a single takeaway from this post. That may be; to start manufacturing. In my ebook Controversy, you can find a list of haywire suggestions and one of them was to START manufacturing.

I also suggested recycling and use waste. One last suggestion in the book was about jail reforms.

I recommend that you read that ebook. It is available on KOBO’s website.

I have been writing for my first love and that is Pakistan. And I have been writing for a while. It has been 365+365+365+365 days. Although I have been writing for over 10 years, I only developed this affinity when I sensed that Pakistan may have been in danger.

We are out of danger now. The point of this post is to reiterate everything.
There is a long way to go. We are on a journey to success. Do not worry because the pressures on Pakistan had reached their peak. And there was nowhere else for them to go beyond that.

Things will change I.A. We will have labor shortages. And people will come to Pakistan for employment. Listen to this message carefully.

As we have the remarkable example of China. There is no other country that has this advantage. We can use this video as a guide. Because hard work is the only solution.

And start manufacturing. You can provide a service like IT, software and other stuff. But, the tangibility of a physical product exceeds the tangibility of a service. Manufacturing is better if you ask me.

Pakistan has started manufacturing in 2020-2021:

If I convert this into an ebook then this is surely a milestone. And a huge achievement.

Watch this video. I know most of us do not have the kind of resources to buy these machines. But, we have the will. And even if the people who can afford these machines start today. They will be able to improve the quality with time. And this may not take much time.

Pakistan comes first. And let us all work together in synergy. Because Unity, Faith, Discipline is the national motto of Pakistan.

If you learn something that you think can add value. Then teach it to at least 3 more people. This is a Muslim way. Help your brothers in need. And these are other Muslim brothers and sisters.

If you educate another person or a child then if he turns out well. Then you will get a huge reward for doing so:

We focus on short-term good deeds. Like feeding a person for a day. Today is the time to start focusing on long-term good deeds.

It has taken me 5 years, and I am not afraid to dedicate another 5. You must understand that progress is the only solution. There is no other option.

If I spend 4 hours understanding a difficult concept and convert it into an understandable form. That may be easier to read. And if you get either motivated, encouraged, or even if you understand what I am trying to communicate. Then this can be counted as a good deed. And I might not need your appreciation and monetary reward. My reward may lie with my creator.

Thus, I teach you. And I live a comfortable life. You come back to my blog, over and over, to read and re-read it. If you look at it, I only combine a few words and sentences. But the love of these words may be a result of the interference from our creator.

I will conclude by saying that these are mere words. Words that flow out of good internal intention will construct.

Thank You.

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