Snack Video App Download in Pakistan

Snack Video App Download in Pakistan
Snack Video App Download in Pakistan

Snack Video App Download in Pakistan

Snack Video App Download. The government had banned TikTok. Because the content that some of the creators were producing was cringe-worthy.

It does not represent the culture of Pakistan. Although Pakistan has Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, Saraiki, and Urdu speaking people. But the moral values remain more or less the same.



A noteworthy observation “TiKTokers were bitter when the government banned the platform”. I have been a YouTuber and I would accept the government’s decision – i.e if they decide to ban YouTube.

So, technically what I am saying is, there is nothing wrong with the platform. It is the content creator’s fault. What they show on TikTok is not our culture.

I believe that these Pakistani Tiktokers have the full potential. And some of them are gorgeous. But as our education system was a huge failure? Thus we were unable to educate them. In matters like values ethics and good morals.

There was improper programming – especially the channels that even I could watch. That through my dish receiver and antennae:

What do you expect? I am not saying that the Indian culture is wrong. They have their own culture. All I am saying is; it is not Pakistan’s culture.

Education is the keyword here! Avenues where the young people can explore their creativity. And only the people who have a formal education in video making, Film-making, and content creation may reach out. That to these platforms and open up their profiles.

We are still doing the same mistake with YouTube and when we repeat a mistake over and over again? Then it becomes a habit.

We are letting uneducated people hold a camera and record their videos.

12-16 years of education may offer special training that can polish you.

For example, An un-educated person who unfortunately becomes an influencer because of his style of content.

He/she has the full potential and they can misguide the innocent public. It can be wrong information, a portrayal of a wrong image of Pakistan, or anything around those lines.

The government will have to seriously think over their education Policy. Focus on harm reduction for the lot that is already making videos on both TikTok and YouTube.

When the lowest standard is dirt low- then the highest standard would automatically be mediocre:

And thus we start disintegrating as a society. We already suffer from a brain drain. The best minds get an easy visa. And they are gone. Even before the government realizes.

And the ugly part of all this is there is no earning on Tiktok and the CPC is extremely low for Urdu YouTube channels. I will be open about this. There is nothing wrong with these people. It is the government’s responsibility to handle this crisis.

We are not concerned about who was responsible before that. This is a current crisis and we need to educate the masses. As I have said before – we are heading towards a social disintegration catastrophe.

A society is what shapes our progress. If the social structure is intact and strong then it becomes easier to grow.

I will be sending this suggestion to a representative of the government of Pakistan. I am willing to play my part. It is strenuous for me to not only watch the content but also to scrutinize it.

Thank You.

Note: I am on Snack video:

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As I have said before banning these platforms shows the government’s incompetence!

There are no shortcuts. To understand it, the Government must penetrate deep into the problem and find a solution.

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