Download Free Books in Pakistan – Writing – Anne Lamott – Bird by Bird PDF

Download Free Books in Pakistan - Writing - Anne Lamott - Bird by Bird PDF
Download Free Books in Pakistan - Writing - Anne Lamott - Bird by Bird PDF

Download Free Books in Pakistan – Writing – Anne Lamott – Bird by Bird PDF

Bird by Bird starts by describing the author’s life-long affinity with books. And also portrays her paternal influence on her life and writing. As a kid, the author wanted her father to have a regular job but maybe being a writer was the profession for him. And that she followed in his footsteps. She was able to create funny and engaging stories. But these stories had no role in her success. As they were just a starting point. Unfortunately, her father gets sick and he is diagnosed with brain cancer. And as most writers are articulates, she too wants to share her struggles with the world. Her father had an agent who published his books. He read her manuscript and accepted it. Which was later published.

Bird by Bird

This book was specifically about writing and she wanted to share all that she knows. Books like these are an asset. They are closer to the author’s heart. And they have the potential to relate to the struggling authors who think that they might never get published.

I read a few parts of the book and she has a similar voice to Agatha Christie. Let me explain. All I am saying is; like when you read an Agatha Christie book, you would immediately know. Similarly, she has her voice which may not be exactly similar to Agatha Christie but it is a voice on its own.

Here are two versions of the book : Download Free Books

2. Anne Lamott – Bird by Bird- Some Instructions on Writing and Life PDF

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Anne Lamott

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