Motivational Speech in Pakistan

Motivational Speech in Pakistan
Motivational Speech in Pakistan

Motivational Speech in Pakistan –

Motivational Speech. I will add a motivational quote at the end and if you read it carefully, you will know the difference. That quote is segregating you from ordinary people. That quote may also empower you, and make you think differently.

We roam, and we do not care whether our time gets wasted. In this video, I will try and encourage you to take action. To be precise, I talk about freelancing in the video below:

There are two types of people in this world;

  1. The people you want to meet
  2.  The people you try and run away from…

Have you ever honestly categorized yourself? Are you a person who draws people towards him or do people get turned off? If you mourn and complain then you probably fall under the second category. The first type of a person is a doer, mover, and shaker.

It is not important to be a Rainmaker, but it is pivotal to have a goal- plan- mission, and vision. You can easily survive if you do not rain make. But if you do not have a direction and you do not know how to steer the ship. That away from a turbulent storm? then you are a poor navigator of life.

Correspondingly, you may face self-administered hardships. As the famous saying goes ” you brought it on yourself”. On the brighter side of things. There is a solution to everything. Especially all the man-made crises.

Words like practice, hard work, consistency, persistence, are your friends. You will have to see which mixture of personal management habits works for you. Getting organized and DE cluttered is also very important.

Motivational speech:

But Rameez, you are taking all the fun away from life and making our lives boring! You may ask?/say…

How a Motivational speaker weaves his words:

That is true but not completely. I will tell you why, firstly, you will have to identify the core purpose of your life. And then set a SMART goal. Now start working on it. If you sit on your butt all day, then no one will knock at your door and hand you your share of wealth, income, and salary.

This world works that way, you must strive to achieve your aims and objectives. Like the famous book, 7 habits of highly effective people rightly depicts; you are at your deathbed; how do you want to be remembered even after death or when you are gone. And I am using this metaphor to create a sense of urgency. This must enlighten you and force you to change at least one thing about your life.

And that was the main point and purpose of this post.

So I also wanted to discover the central idea, and because of your best wishes for me, I was able to write my way through and reach a central conclusion. Thank you for being kind enough, and may this holy month of Ramazan bring happiness and blessings for you.

“You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?”

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