How to write an email? How Writing an Email [the Right Way] can up your Game?

How to write an email? How Writing an Email [the Right Way] can up your Game?
How to write an email? How Writing an Email [the Right Way] can up your Game?

How Writing an Email [the right way] can up your game?

How to write an email? Your approach will matter, for example, if you are writing an email to a professor then you will use your formal and academic vocabulary. It is important to be concise and not use abbreviations, slang, and emoticons.

Talk about the topic or subject matter in an informational style. If it is a teacher’s assistant opening then you may address the exact qualifications that the professor is looking for.

Similarly, as I have said before you will have to use the right words and be courteous and polite. Especially if you are asking for something like a research opportunity.

Writing an Email{ Format} –

Email is all about a subject, Salutation, Body, and ending. Your email heading must be catchy and it must portray or possess a sense of importance or urgency. Your salutation must be concise and to the point. Here is an example of a Salutation: Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms./Miss/Dr./Professor (etc.) and their last name. Use an emotional appeal in your body. But do not overdo it. An email has replaced the analog letter, so let us make full use of this facility. An email is directed towards a specific person. It must have some specifics- like an appeal that reminds the receiver of for example a positive experience.

I would suggest that you use an emotional appeal because people are used to a formal tone and reading work-related boring emails. Besides who says you cannot be creative while writing emails? Use colorful images and a video that explains more about the subject matter, topic, or purpose of sending that email.

Writing an Email [Example]: How to write an email?

To Professor Tariq:

Subject: A soft reminder to refresh the online Course data and questions.

Body: You need not write this as is!

Professor, as you know the students of class SP04 are having their hourly examinations. I can understand how important it is to prepare a lecture for our class. And the amount of time that it requires. This is a soft reminder to update the online course schedules/questions/questionnaires/data etc.

For your convenience, I have added the online platforms {link} here. I hope that you will be able to update the said information. In case if you are unable to do so, here is the email address of the SP04 teacher’s assistant {}.

Thank You

Rameez from SPO4

Muhammad Ali Jinnah University



Writing an Email to a Company: How to write an email?

Your structure will be similar, the only differentiating factor would be the use of financial terminologies, schedules, and deadlines. It is important to note that you are representing your company and it would look unprofessional if you use vague information. An email to a company will have clarity – in the roles and responsibilities of the concerned parties. It will have a date because that is important. Digital signage or a signature. You can use a CC and BCC for keeping everyone in the loop.

Various writing styles will create an effect that you cannot control. So it is best to use a tried and tested method and a structured way of writing an email. If you are a CEO of a company, even then it looks unprofessional if you use shorthand and slang while emailing your subordinates.

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