Effective Time Management in Pakistan

Effective Time Management in Pakistan
Effective Time Management in Pakistan

Time management is the essence of personal development. You cannot differentiate the two. It is important to manage your time effectively. With so many digital distractions, and at times it can become difficult to manage time in a way that contributes to overall productivity.

An app:

The Rescue Time – Use Your Time Wisely is the best app that I could find. I have talked more about a brainstorming and time management technique that can encourage you to manage it. The hours on a clock can mean an emergency, maybe you are running late for a meeting. An anniversary and a birthday party. It may mean a lot, but we mostly do not reflect on improving the management of an invaluable asset. The time that you lose today can haunt you later.

Here is a look at a Free Udemy course:

Time Management Course: Udemy

This blog can act as a mini resource for managing your time. Whenever you want a push in the right direction? you can Re-visit this post for the right kind of vibes.

Now let us have a look at an amazing book:

Getting Things Done
Book by David Allen

You will find free online time management training on YouTube. The channel that I suggest is:

Simpletivity is a YouTube channel hosted by Scott Friesen

You can manage it by applying various techniques – the best time management methods that I suggest are:

SMART Goals.
The Pomodoro Technique.
Track how you spend your time.
GTD – Getting things done.
OKR – Objectives and key results.
Do Deep Work / Avoid Half-Work or Shallow Work.

Source: spica.com

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