What is Brainstorming? Techniques – Ideas – Tools – Sessions and Examples

What is Brainstorming? Techniques - Ideas - Tools - Sessions and Examples
What is Brainstorming? Techniques - Ideas - Tools - Sessions and Examples

What is Brainstorming? Techniques – Ideas- Tools – Sessions and Examples

There are 4 ways through which we can dissect or break the definition of brainstorming. The definition states that it is not one but a group of creative techniques through which you can channelize all efforts. That to tackle a difficult problem and you simultaneously gather and store the ideas that the brainstorms are generating.

Treatment no.1:

Brainstorming is simply “Idea generation”.

Treatment no.2:

Brainstorming is a complex activity that involves a solution-centric mindset.

Treatment no.3:

It is the victory of the best idea.

Treatment no.4:

It is also not only about generating ideas. It is also about generating viable techniques for the execution of these ideas.

You can have as many treatments and break the definition into logical and understandable chunks. It’s not over yet. I have mentioned a few brainstorming techniques in the video below. Just play and read.

The best  technique is the one that you are most comfortable with. You have to see the environment, your brainstorming partners; their likes/dislikes, intellectual capabilities, and other factors.


The best brainstorming tool that works for me is an idea board. You set up a board that is either virtual or physical. And then you invite collaborators. You can then create sections for varying areas. Then you may ask everyone to add stickers or sticky notes with their ideas.

Do multiple rounds and identify the themes or ideas that pop or stand out. When we talk about brainstorming examples, then we have mind-mapping, Trello, brain writing, SWOT analysis, role storming, design charrette, and step ladder brainstorming.

A well-directed and planned approach will save time and resources. Once you identify the magnitude and scope of the problem, you can then involve and add as many relevant resources, experts, and tools.

Furthermore, You might want to identify a brainstorming framework that will make it easier for the participants to tackle difficult sessions. Provide them with the necessary tools and resources and take care of them.

You will have three categories or levels of ideas:

  • A HOT idea
  • A Hotter idea
  • The Hottest idea

Finally, You can also assign one participant from the group for identifying the category of each idea. Brainstorming is a positive and constructive activity. It is important that you do this as part of a group activity and encourages the participants to freely express their creativity.


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