My Life Lessons in Pakistan

My Life Lessons in Pakistan
My Life Lessons in Pakistan

My Life Lessons in Pakistan:

Everyone is in a rush, You can’t rush the science, but when the science points you in the right direction, then you can start rushing.

Anthony Fauci

Life lesson No 1:

Let the knowledge flow, and reach you, it does not matter where it’s coming from. Try and imitate a sponge and absorb it. If you feel that a piece of information is the missing link then it probably is.

For the knowledge seekers, everything else revolves around the attainment of knowledge and it fits into place.

Inspirational Life lesson no 2:

Have you tried forgiving other human beings? They have only proved to you that they are not angels. As they are mere homo-sapiens.

Where my mental horses run freely:

Your success will start when you reach the letter Z. Yes when you have tried everything out, and there are no more options to exhaust.

Just take a deep breath and start all over again. Your hard work will pay. As hard work must pay. Huge dividends await.

My favorite life lessons book:

The Holy Quran

Kun Faya Qun = “Be ,and it is”. This is the Creative prowess and power of Allah.

What are some of the “lessons learned in life”?

A good lesson learned can never be forgotten. It is imprinted on your mind and soul. You may repeat any mistake in your life, but you will never make that same mistake.

Human emotions that flow towards you are a reflection of how Allah feels. God has the best vessels and through them, he communicates.

But please do not confuse this message. Everything has been finalized – We have all the books and prophets and there will be no more. All I am doing here is coming from a loving corner of my heart.

A heat wave is telling us to plant more trees, the outbreak of the coronavirus is telling us to stop inhumane or wicked activities that we do during the day, and at night time. Anyways these are my observations. Besides, that is not the scope of this topic.

In conclusion; A life lesson is a good teacher. It will hurt and shatter you. But when you get a hold of yourself. You rise.

Finally, so far so good for My Life Lessons in Pakistan –

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