How to Survive a Heat Wave in Pakistan?

How to Survive a Heat Wave in Pakistan?
How to Survive a Heat Wave in Pakistan?

How to Survive a Heat Wave in Pakistan?

Water is extremely important. You need to keep yourself hydrated. Keep your room ventilated. If the heat is unbearable then stop working and go home. Also, try and avoid public places or offices that do not have air-conditioning.

Try and occupy a cooler room. If you have a basement in your home, then stay there.

You must reschedule all your outdoor work to nighttime. Make sure you know the symptoms of a heat stroke. Have an emergency number on speed dial.

Try and avoid caffeine which may include tea and coffee. Do not eat too much sugar. Stay indoors and read my blog posts and videos.

On a lighter note, I do not know if they still make those chill pills. Have one and chillax.

Take care of Animals

Animals can equally suffer from the heat so try and give them a cold shower or a towel bath.

If all of us confine ourselves to a room that has air-conditioning, then the outer of the air conditioner can generate even more heat.

Try and think of alternatives. Like making a desi air conditioner or use alternatives.

If need be, wear caps and hats before going out. and finally wear lighter colors like white, light blue, etc. Do not wear darker colors like black, orange.

Do not smoke and never leave anyone in a parked car.

And that is How to Survive a Heat Wave? – Take care and have a nice day.

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