Over 11000 tons of COVID vaccine shipped from CHINA

Over 11,000 ton's of COVID vaccine shipped from CHINA

Over 11,000 ton’s of COVID vaccine shipped from CHINA

11000 tons


– Beijing Capital International Airport is at the forefront of China’s efforts to ship the coronavirus vaccine around the world.

Workers for Beijing Aviation Ground Services (BGS) have been busy lately. BGS handles most of the vaccines shipped out of China from Beijing.

According to Fu Chunlei, director of international cold chain transport at BGS, they have sent over 1,100 tons of vaccine to some 41 countries and regions around the globe since last July.

Refrigerated storage has been set up to store the vaccines, which are wrapped up in specially made cold-chain containers for long-distance transport.

Most of the carriers coming to fetch vaccines are charted airplanes, many of which are temporarily modified passenger aircraft. As a result, it often requires extra attention and labor.


On one hand, we have countries selling weapons and war. And on the other, we have China. I believe no people of a country have ever achieved this and this might well be a world record.

11000 tons

A vaccine must be a scarce commodity and I do not blame the western world. But China has over-exceeded their gesture to control this and they are the true winners.

They build an entire hospital in a few days. I still remember watching the construction site video(LIVE) on CGTN.
There is something wrong with this model and 11000 tons.

Friends of China see this. And I wholeheartedly appreciate their efforts in preventing this insanity.

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