Why I QUIT YouTube in Pakistan?

Why I QUIT YouTube in Pakistan?
Why I QUIT YouTube in Pakistan?

 Why I QUIT YouTube in Pakistan?

YouTube is a great idea but then we have all the policies that tag along. YouTube was the most suitable platform for all of us, especially during the pandemic. I have learned a lot about video making by simply editing my videos. Testing things out and by being brave. It is all about being fearless and brave. The most Sensible People would think twice before they hit upload. And that’s the beauty of it. You have to take a leap of faith and trust the process.

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You can become good at anything with smart practice. And I have proved that by making a channel in English in Pakistan.

Many people may feel awkward while speaking English in public in Pakistan. People taunt you by making fun of you or by simply saying that you are a burger and not a bun kebab.

Whatever the case is, people are earning millions of dollars over their life time and this is the reality. Although, I knew back then that a URDU channel will not earn me enough or create this kind of impact. I believe I have a cult following.

I know you guys exist. Mind you, I am a very private person and just try and do stuff that normal people do. That would be a huge favor. I appreciate all of my readers and they are all equal.

You will ruin your life if you run away from home or break the hearts of your parents. Additionally, A celebrity is nothing more than a pretty face. Your parents have raised you and they have given birth to you. What will you eat?? and 100% of the time these girls get rejected. The right way is to develop yourself.

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I strongly condemn the celebrities or the slightly famous people. Correspondingly, maybe because whatever is portrayed on the screen is not the reality.

In addition to that, and that is why Why I QUIT YouTube in Pakistan?

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